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Destination Management System & Website Services

Direct Tourism Services provides and hosts bespoke websites individually designed to your requirement to reflect your branding and customers needs.


Destination Management Systems

Direct Tourism Services was the first organisation in the country to secure full Englandnet accreditation for its DMS programme. We continue to work closely with the IT developers at Visit Britain and Visit England to refine the systems that they use; and provide an effective interoperability and data transfer for several destinations and sub regional destinations.

We have designed a bespoke Content Management System and website for the Tourism Management Institute, providing a platform for over 350 tourism professionals.

The key to our approach has been to find a solution that is both affordable, realistic and that can be bought into by the client as stand alone modules and provide the individual businesses and industry with what it actually wants rather than force a prescribed solution on them.

Website Services

By providing bespoke websites and the full range of hosting support, Direct Tourism Services has built and currently hosts over 500 individual websites. Clients include district and county destination sites, as well as individual business sites for attractions operators, accommodation providers (all sectors), retail, restaurants, sports and leisure operators.

Website services include:

Website Design Services
  1. Individual bespoke website design service
  2. Website hosting and site maintenance
  3. Search engine optimisation
  4. Free updates
  5. Free editorial and image changes & scanning
  6. Full statistics package
  7. Use of image library
  8. Technical support
  9. Photographic service
  10. Bespoke Content Management System

So whatever your individual requirements we will cut through the technical jargon and use language you understand and give you crystal clear prices, we don't have hidden lock-ins so you can move your site and systems when and where you want.

How refreshing is that?

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Website Hosting Services

If you are concerned that you are paying too much money to your current website hosts, you may like to consider moving your website to host with us. It's not as complicated as you might think.

Direct Tourism Services has built up an extensive list of clients who have moved their websites from their current provider to us to host and manage for them.

So if you are not happy with the amount you currently pay, or perhaps you feel you are not getting a satisfactory level of service from your current supplier, please do contact us.

Data Capture & Label Printing Applications

Data Capture and Label Printing Applications

Destination managers and people operating in the tourism and leisure sectors collect a huge amount of information on their visitors. However, it can often be difficult to collect data in the correct format and then print an address label for the recipient of your printed marketing material.

Direct Tourism Services has developed a multi-level system of capturing visitor data within a central database. A simple customer brochure request on single or multiple websites allow visitors to input their personal details directly into the system. Staff can log onto the system and check if the data requires any corrections. Once corrections have been made, a simple click will print your labels, with an ID code of the brochures requested. This allows you to save time and more importantly process brochure requests on the same day as they are received thus increasing your competitive advantage and the likelihood of conversion to business.

Online Brochure Viewers

Online Brochure Viewers

In these days of declining demand for printed tourism brochures, we all need to investigate other methods of giving visitors the destination information they require.

Online brochure viewers are the answer. Directing visitors to view your brochure online via a flash built application enables you to give visitors the ability to view the content of your brochures without the need to actually request a postal copy.

You can view an example here.

Mobile & WAP Websites

Mobile & WAP Websites

The increasing importance of mobile phones within the tourism marketplace means that destination management organisations should be investing in producing simplified versions of their main tourism websites as WAP versions.

The principal requirement for WAP websites is they should be easy to navigate with a mobile handset and quick to download on slower phone connections.

Viral Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Direct Tourism Services can create and send an email marketing campaign to selected pre-defined email addresses chosen by the client. Emails can be personalised if required and can be branded to include your own company logos.

We can track who opened the email, the number of times each recipient opened it and the last time it was opened.

To comply with UK legal requirements, all emails carry details of the companies that we send the email out on behalf of and gives consumers the option to unsubscribe from receiving future emails.

The email system can be integrated within the DMS or CMS and linked to a news database if you wish to send out automatic newsletters to your customers.

The email system has been successfully deployed for clients such as the Tourism Management Institute (TMI), L.L.A.N.I. Ltd and Shropshire Tourism.