Consultancy for DMOs - Change Management & Income Generation

Are you a Destination Management Organisation (DMO) looking for support?

Firstly you should know we are not just another tourism consultancy, we actually run a county destination management organisation with over 500 members and have done so for the last 20 years.

We have seen grants (ERDF, ERDP etc) come and go and, although originally established by our local authority, we do not receive any funding support or SLA from them and have replaced our reliance on the 'public purse' completely.

We have been successfully running an entirely self-funded Destination Management Organisation (DMO) with no public sector finance or support for the last 4 years, having replaced public money with earned income.

As cuts and pressures on the public purse look set to continue, it is even more important that all DMOs look at other ways of securing funding, to deliver their essential activities and so they are able to support their local tourism industry. It is also essential for local authorities to look at how they can enable their own DMOs to become self-sustaining, to help support the visitor economy.

So if you are looking at ways of establishing a self-financed destination management organisation, and whether it's a full or partial change management programme, assistance in identifying income generating opportunities and, importantly, how to convert them, or support in identifying operational cost savings and efficiencies, we would love to share our experience and help other DMOs achieve the same and secure their own future.

Some DMOs we have recently advised include:

  • Wye Valley & Forest of Dean
  • Marketing Cheshire
  • Durham
  • Numerous tourism associations and groups

In addition to destination marketing and developing membership growth, we also have experience of attraction management and retail and visitor information centre operations.

All enquiries are treated in total confidence, so for a confidential informal chat or to discuss how we may be able to support you:
Telephone: 01743 261910